Eligibility & Conditions

  • A team must consist of 2-3 persons registered as students in Switzerland at the ETH/EPF, FH/HES or Universities.
  • Students who wish to receive credits (semester project or other) for their participation in the team project, should contact professors/labs who agree to supervise their individual contribution to the project and provide the grade.
  • Teams may submit more than one project, but they are to be submitted as separate projects for individual assessment.



A PhD student, postdoc, professor or staff researcher must agree to coach the team. The conception and overall design of the project must originate from the student (i.e. a “bottom-up” approach).


iCAN Switzerland Jury

The Swiss jury consists of international experts in the field of microsensors.

  • Christine Alépée, SGX Sensortech
  • Martin Anklin, Endress + Hauser
  • Andre Bernard, matriq AG
  • Axel Bertholds, Sensoptic
  • Danick Bionda, Micronarc
  • Benjamin Bonnal, Motion Pilot SA
  • Prof. Jürgen Brugger, EPFL (iCAN Switzerland Project Leader)
  • Edward Byrne, FSRM (iCAN Switzerland Coordinator)
  • Emine Cagin, Heidelberg Instruments Nano
  • Ivan Defilippis, SUPSI
  • Michel Despont, CSEM
  • Philippe Fischer, FSRM
  • Sebastian Gautsch, EPFL
  • Markus Graf, Sensirion
  • François Gueissaz, Asulab
  • Eliav Haskal, NCCR / University of Fribourg
  • Prof. Andreas Hierlemann, ETHZ Basel
  • Prof. Christofer Hierold, ETHZ
  • Peter Kirchhofer, Independent/Sensors.ch
  • Philippe Krebs, Consultant
  • Martin Rajman, Nano-Tera / EPFL
  • Prof. Nico de Rooij, EPFL / CSEM
  • Luciana Vaccaro, HES-SO
  • Benedetto Vigna, ST Microelectronics


Evaluation + Prize

  • A sample jury evaluation form »»  iCAN17_evaluation_criteria.
  • All decisions made by the jury are final.
  • The winning team will be granted the privilege to represent Switzerland at the iCAN 2021 International Finals – date and location to be announced.
  • Airfare (economy class) and hotel expenses for the winning team will be covered by the iCAN-Swiss Competition.
  • All other travel costs are the responsibility of the student (visa, pocket money, meals, etc).