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The 2019 International iCAN final took place in Berlin from June  24-26, 2017, in cooperation with the IEEE Transducers Conference.


Below are some photos from the International iCAN Final in Berlin.

Swiss Teams win two prizes at iCAN 2019 Final in Berlin

3rd place Prize – iCAMPUS – Smart training tool for climbing

Team Members:

  • Anthony, Barison (ETH Zurich, Biomedical Engineering MSc)
  • Jakov, Smešny (ETH Zurich, Micro and Nanosystems MSc)
  • Mengjia, Xu (ETH Zurich, Micro and Nanosystems MSc)

Coach:  Ian A. Mihailovic (ETH Zurich, Micro and Nanosystems group)

3rd place Prize – Data logger for vacuum desiccator

Team Members :

  • Etienne, Clément (EPFL)
  • Myriam, Käppeli (EPFL)

Coach:  Matthieu Rüegg (EPFL)